PRISMA Demo is designed to support Canon sales colleagues and channel partners by presenting information on PRISMA solutions and enable product demos, including PRISMAdirect, PRISMAprepare and PRISMAsync and other PRISMA applications and tools.

The main users today are;

  • Product Managers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Consultants
  • Analysts
  • Technical Specialists

Access to PRISMA Demo is authorized on a regional basis, and is summarized in 3 steps.

The 3 step process

You can follow 3 simple steps to get access to PRISMA Demo.

Step 1 – Create a personal account

Go to PRISMA Demo www.prisma-demo.com
Click “Log in”
On the Log In page, click the link to get access to a Canon account and complete the form that appears and submit.

  • Please use your business e-mail to sign up.
  • DO NOT check Requestable Services, as this is not applicable for PRISMA Demo.

A confirmation message will appear in your screen.

Step 2 – Confirm account registration and activate your account

You will receive an e-mail, and need to click on the link to activate your account. A confirmation will appear in your web browser. Close the window to finalize the account creation.

Step 3 – Log in or request access if you are an unauthorized user

If you are a pre-authorized user, you can log in straightaway and start using PRISMA Demo right away.
If you are an unauthorized user, you need to request for access from a Canon RSHQ Account Administrator. You will see an “No Access” Page after logging in. Please follow the instructions as mentioned on the screen for your region.

Yes, you do, this is mandatory for all new users.

Request support for access / log-in related questions or problems

This enquiry is intended for access / log-in related questions or problems only.
Product related issues or questions will not be responded by the PRISMA Demo Support Team. Please contact your local product support organizations.

Please fill out your questions in English. Requests in other languages will not be processed.

You can only upload GIF, JPG, PNG files.