PRISMAdemo new V3.2 is live!

PRISMAdemo V3.2 launch postponed!

Dear PRISMAdemo Users,


We have planned to launch the PRISMAdemo V3.2 on Tuesday November 24th.

We regret to inform you that the deployment of this new version has taken longer than planned due to unforeseen issues caused by Microsoft certificate update over the last weekend.

As a result, currently none of the PRISMA product demonstrators can start up properly.  The start-up behaviors of the demonstrators are not stable, regardless regular, saved or scheduled demonstration sessions.  Sometimes it starts all well, but sometimes it does not start at all.

We treat this problem seriously as it affects the user experience. Therefore, the launch of PRISMAdemo V3.2 will not be completed until this problem is resolved.


Our IT department is investigating the issues now. The plan is to have it resolved within the next 3 days.

We will publish another notification on PRISMAdemo by Thursday November 26 to inform all users about the progress of the PRISMAdemo V3.2 launch.


Meanwhile, the PRISMAdemo team will inform the users who have scheduled demo sessions in the coming 3 days to watch out the start-up problem. We strongly advise all users to not use the demonstrators or postpone the scheduled demonstrations until further notice this Thursday.


Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience!

If any questions, please contact us via PRISMAdemo Support.


Best Regards,

PRISMAdemo Team

PRISMAdemo update : a new version is live!