PRISMAdemo new V3.2 is live!

On November 25th around 17:00 CET we completed updating the PRISMAdemo into a new version 3.2.  

What’s new or improved in the PRISMAdemo?

  1. No Access page update with more clear instructions

Having trouble to log in when you used PRISMAdemo the first time? You might remember seeing a No Access page back then. This No Access page pops up when a user does not have an authorized access into PRISMAdemo.

The updated PRISMAdemo provides more clear instructions to guide the first-time users about getting access into PRISMAdemo, and the instructions are translated in multiple languages, including Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

  1. Japanese websites

PRISMAdemo will be available in one additional language: Japanese. That makes the PRISMAdemo available in four languages. That’s why you can switch to these languages by using the language drop-down list in the upper right corner of PRISMAdemo.   

  1. Receiving a confirmation email after submitting a support request

Have you ever submitted a support request or feedback using the support form in the Support page?  If you have done it before, you probably have noticed the confirmation email that was sent to you afterwards.

If you submit a support form now, you will see that the confirmation email is updated with more detailed instructions about how you can follow up with your request or feedback. More specifically, you will be given the exact link (to your support form) to update your request and stay in touch with PRISMAdemo Support. Furthermore, you will be advised to not reply to the email, because your request can not be followed up by emails.

  1. New Subject filed in the support form

When you go to the Support page and fill out our support form, you will see a new Subject field in which you can enter a short description. Please also be aware that the support form must be filled in English including the descriptions of the problems, requests or feedback.

  1. PRISMAsync C10010VP – 7.4 Sales Demonstrator

If you login and go to the Sales Demonstrator, you will see the updated PRISMAsync C10010VP 7.4 Sales Demonstrator. Now you can start a demonstration of the latest PRISMAsync C100010VP version at anytime & anywhere!

Any feedback you want to share? Any questions?

Just let us know! Please go to the Support page, and fill out our feedback form. We appreciate it!

The PRISMAdemo Team