Dear PRISMAdemo users,

Yesterday on June 30 around 17:00 CET a new version of PRISMAdemo has been released, so check out the enhancements of this release.


What’s new or improved in the PRISMAdemo?

  1. New Demonstrator button to directly access to PRISMA Sales Demonstrator page after logging inA new Demonstrator button will appear after logging in.

    This button directs the user to the PRISMA Sales Demonstrator page. Users can easily navigate to the PRISMA Sales Demonstrator page without going into the Resources page.

  2. Instructions about how to deal with connectivity problems on the FAQ pageDo you have questions or problems about connectivity?

    Check out the FAQ page and find out what you could do.

    Note: the current instruction is only available in English. It will be translated to other supported languages in the next PRISMAdemo update.


Any feedback you want to share? Any questions?

Just let us know! Please go to the Support page, and fill out the feedback form. We appreciate it!


The PRISMAdemo Team