PRISMAdirect V1.7 and PRISMAprepare V7.3 License Update

Dear PRISMAdemo users,

The PRISMAdirect V1.7 and PRISMAprepare V7.3 demonstrators will be updated with new licenses on May 25, 2021.

This license update will not change the current versions of the applications, but it will affect your Saved Demonstrations.
If you have Saved Demonstrations of PRISMAdirect V1.7 and PRISMAprepare V7.3, please be aware that they will remain accessible within the next 30 days after the license update. However, you cannot start the applications anymore after June 1, 2021, because the license of both products will expire on that date.

You can save a new demo after the license update and migrate the settings of your old saved demo to the new one. You can do it within the 30-day period.
• For PRISMAdirect (only applicable for CUSA and CEL users), please see the guide for managing your saved demonstrations in the Resources page – PRISMAdirect – PRISMAdirect Training Resources – Demo Guide.
• For PRISMAprepare, if you have saved your personal demo files in your saved demonstration session, you can transfer them to your new saved demonstration.

Please note that all the PRISMAdirect and PRISMAprepare Saved Demonstrations that are created before this upcoming license update will be deleted after 30 days from May 25th.

If you have any questions, please contact us via PRISMAdemo Support.

Best regards,
PRISMAdemo Team