PRISMAlytics demonstrator under construction

Dear PRISMAdemo users,


We are very glad to see such a large use around the globe of PRISMAdemo since its relaunch on April 1st! Unfortunately, this also caused access issues for the PRISMAlytics demonstrator.
PRISMAsync, PRISMAdirect and PRISMAprepare demonstrators are up and running as usual.


What’s next?

We need to develop a new version of the PRISMAlytics demonstrator. As a result, the current PRISMAlytics demonstrator will be unavailable as of April 17th, 2020 (for providing demos as well as scheduling them) until the moment we have this new version available.

We will inform you on the new go-live by means of a notification on the PRISMAdemo Sales Demonstrator page.


We do apologize sincerely for any inconvenience this may cause. In case of questions, please go to the Support page of PRISMAdemo and contact us.



With kind regards,

The PRISMAdemo Team